specialized brand in measuring equipment, a reference in the work safety segment.

Founded on August 1, 1984, Instrutherm - name chosen for having temperature measurement instruments as its flagship. Since then, more than three decades of hard work. The brand was identifying the measurement needs of different markets, expanding its portfolio, improving equipment, technologies and processes, and it continues until this day, after three decades.

In 2007 Instrutherm instituted the Laboratório de Calibração Instrutherm , LCI, (Instrutherm Calibration Laboratory) in order to provide our customers quality service with agility and affordable prices.

Instrutherm gathers more than 500 items on portfolio in the segments of Work Safety, Laboratory, Mechanics and Electro-Electronics.

We have quality departments that certify each item before its sale, in addition to multi-brand technical assistance.

Our mission is to offer accessible technology through products and services, adding competence, reliability and technical quality.

We aim to be recognized by customers and suppliers as a partner company, with accessible products and reference in several segments, quality services and a team committed to providing the best experience for those interested

We value respect, ethics, technical quality, the dedication of our employees for continuous training, in addition to contributing to society and the collective to achieve a better world

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